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The Lara Croft we love returns to the console - Review by San Diego Union Tribune

Getting back to one's roots seems to be a common theme among well-established game franchises nowadays, and it usually leads to a renewed interest by longtime fans as well as newcomers.

The original “Tomb Raider,” which set the stage for most 3-D third-person action adventures, gets back to its origins in the latest chapter of the 10-year-old series, “Tomb Raider Anniversary.”

Search through ancient ruins and dark caves with Lara Croft in The original spunky spelunker, Lara Croft, is back and nimble as ever as she searches ancient ruins and dark caves for the mythical object known as the Scion. At her side are two trusty pistols with unlimited ammunition and a journal that fills with vital information as her adventure progresses. Along the way, the firearm-adept femme fatale picks up a powerful shotgun as well as dual .50-caliber pistols and dual mini-SMGs. These lethal weapons will surely come in handy as Lara must fight carnivores ranging from hungry wolves to fearsome raptors to a giant T. rex.

New to her acrobatic repertoire is the ability to perch atop poles and run along walls using a grappling hook. Lara can still tumble and flip through the air while blasting away, but now she also can perform a slow-motion “adrenaline dodge.” Basically, this move slows time, giving her the chance to pump her enemies full of lead while dodging certain attacks. Players can't perform the adrenaline dodge very often, but it sure looks cool when it kicks in.

“Tomb Raider Anniversary” is prime evidence that sometimes it's better to go back to the basics rather than reinvent a franchise. Now, if we can just forget that “Tomb Raider 2 and 3” ever existed, Lara can hop back onto the pedestal where she belongs.

Source: SignOnSanDiego news, by JEB HAUGHT , 16 July 2007