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Robert Wheeler interviews Adrian Smith of Core Design (June 1997)

[Robert Wheeler] How many levels will be in TR2?
[Adrian Smith (Core Design Ltd.)] At present there are more levels being worked on than in the original game and also the levels are bigger and I would say more challenging and far more varied.

[RW] Will it support Multiplayer games?
[AS] The golden question, we are still looking into how we can turn Tomb Raider into a Multiplayer game without turning it into a shooter. If we can find a scenario that we are all happy with, we will try to produce it. Watch this space.

[RW] Will it have a Level Designer program with it?
[AS] What you must consider is that our room editor is a full 3D editor and actually forms part of the main game engine. This tool allows the artists etc. working on the game to create the 3D room apply all the textures, set the lights and traps position all the badies etc. and then to actually preview what they have produced. Its massive to use. It take an in-house artist who has worked on the original game etc. approx. 6 / 8 weeks to create all the rooms, traps etc. needed to create 1 location in the game (i.e. The Lost Worlds)

[RW] What sorts of places will Lara travel to or explore? e.g. Venice
[AS] Well that might be giving to much away at present but yes Venice is one of the first locations you will go to. All I will say is to expect something new and varied. The one thing that we have concentrated more on this time is the locations, everyone who has worked on Tomb Raider or has seen it todate, says that they are far more exciting than they could have ever expected.

[RW] Will Lara have any companions/partners you can play in TR 2?
[AS] Possibly ?

[RW] When will TR2 be released in the USA, UK & Europe?
[AS] It will have a simultaneous release date of November this year.

[RW] What new weapons (if any) will Lara get?
[AS] Yes she will have some new weapons, and not all of them will be guns.

[RW] What new moves (if any) will Lara be able to do?
[AS] Lots and Lots. We have re-visited all most all of here old moves and added many new ones.

[RW] Will she get a much needed change of clothes between various levels?
[AS] Sorry you will have to wait and see, but would a nice girl like Lara wear the same clothes all the time ?

[RW] Will any of the levels be outdoors?
[AS] Yes.

[RW] Is it true that there is a TR related music single being (been released 24th March 1997?), and if so what are it's TITLE, SINGER and RECORD LABEL?
[AS] Yes we are looking into it but the release date has not been set. You are well informed but you will have to wait for more info.

[RW] Will Lara look the same in TR2 as she did in the original?
[AS] There will be some subtle differences. Things that we always wanted to do in the original. Have you ever noticed that she has long Haire in the FMV's but its short in the game.

[RW] Will there be a Training level, and if so will it be the same one as the original or different (and if so where would it be set)
[AS] No it will be different, and much better.

[RW] Is it true that a 2 level add-on pack is being released for owners of the original game, and if so when will it be released in the USA, UK & Europe?
[AS] Yes we are putting the final details together at present.

[RW] LAST ONE (Hooray you cry :-))))), Will you ever release TR related merchandise, like: Posters, T-shirts, Hats, Mouse-mats etc?
[AS] Yes. a whole range is being worked o for TR2. I hope that the above helps, sorry that I can't give you more info at present but we are still trying to keep the wraps on things.

Interview taken from The Tomb Raider Archive, maintained by Robert Wheeler , June 1997. The Croft Times.