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E3 1998 REPORT (MAY 27-30)

5/27: TOMB RAIDER III, unveiled tomorrow

Eidos's booth in Atlanta is being setup and the Tomb Raider III logo is already there...
TR3 is rumured to be unlike anything ever experienced in the previous games.
Tommorow there will be more news and maybe some screenshots. On Sony's press conference yesterday, TR3 was one of the announced releases for this year.

5/28: TOMB RAIDER III, the very first look

The return of Lara Croft will feature a much revamped 3D engine: more realistic shadows and transparencies; a more detailed skin for Lara; weather effects like snow, rain, and mist; and dynamic and multicolored lighting.

Lara will journey to more exotic locations, including India and the South Pacific, and will feature a host of new moves, including a speed dash to quickly move out of harm's way. Eidos is toying with the idea of making the game less linear, giving players the option to choose the order in which levels will be played.

The release date will be sometime this winter.

5/28: Eidos Press Release


Business/High-Tech/Entertainment Editors
Electronic Entertainment Expo, Booth No. 7345

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 1998--Action adventuress and virtual celebrity Lara Croft will return to store shelves this holiday season in the highly anticipated Tomb Raider III.

Eidos Interactive, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products and a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos pls (Nasdaq:EIDSY), Thursday announced that the third installment in the company's best-selling Tomb Raider game franchise will appear in the fourth quarter of 1998 from Eidos' wholly owned development house, Core Design, for both the PlayStation and PC format.

The announcement was made at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), where Eidos is featuring five key titles and showcasing games from some of the world's hottest developers, including Core Design, ION Storm, SquareSoft, Looking Glass Studios, Mucky Foot, Quantic Dream and Hot House Creations.

The news that Eidos will bring Lara back this year is an early Christmas present for consumers and retailers alike. The much-enhanced Tomb Raider III will send Lara from the dark streets of London to the deserts of India and the islands of the South Pacific.

In addition to costume changes and new vehicles, Tomb Raider III will feature an array of new gameplay elements, technical enhancements and visual improvements.

An improved graphics engine will deliver the crispest detail and highest-resolution graphics ever seen in the series, making Tomb Raider III Lara Croft's best-looking adventure yet. Additional enhancements include the ability for players to choose the order in which they play the levels, amazing new weather and special effects, and vastly improved artificial intelligence for Lara Croft's enemies.

"Core Design and Eidos keep raising the bar on Tomb Raider," commented Mike McGarvey, COO of Eidos Interactive. "As popular as Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II have been, I'm excited to say that the best game is still to come."

Eidos will also demonstrate a number of key titles, including:
--Final Fantasy VII -- the long-awaited PC version of the 15 million unit, best-selling SquareSoft franchise will raise the stakes for quality role playing games on the PC. The multimillion dollar production had a team of 125 artists, designers and movie programmers composers and movie directors.
-- Omikron -- Parisian developer Quantic Dream presents a PlayStation and PC extravaganza set in a domed futuristic city. The title features unique, real-time facial motion capture, for the first time ever in a video game.
-- Ninja: Shadow of Darkness -- Core Design, creators of the Tomb Raider series, will showcase the power of the PlayStation in this action arcade game this fall.
-- Daikatana -- John Romeo and ION Storm's new PC action game is already poised to change the way we look at first-person shooters.

"This year's E3 will be our finest yet," added McGarvey. "Eidos' product line is focused on bringing gamers high quality titles for a variety of genres and game platforms."

Additional titles debuting at Eidos Interactive's booth No. 7345 include:
-- Anachronox, ION Storm, PC
-- Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Pyro Studios, PC
-- Confirmed Kill, Eidos Interactive Studios, PC
-- Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3, ION Storm, PC
-- Fighting Force 64, Core Design, Nintendo 64
-- Gangsters, Hot House Creations, PC
-- Tartan Army, Red Lemon, PC
-- Thief: The Dark Project, Looking Glass, PC
-- Revenant, Cinematix, PC
-- Urban Chaos, Mucky Foot, PC
-- Vermin, Kronos, PSX
-- Warzone 2100, Pumpkin Studios, PSX/PC

Eidos Interactive is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 as well as the Internet. Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (Nasdaq:EIDSY), with additional offices in San Francisco; Paris; and Hamburg, Germany. Eidos plc also includes Eidos Technologies, a software-based video compression company, Glassworks, a state-of-the-art post production facility specializing in digital special effects for the television, feature film and advertising industries. More information on Eidos Interactive's line of products can be found on the Internet at

5/29: TOMB RAIDER III preview.

Being developed for the Playstation, Tomb Raider III will bring some improvements to the console version. Mainly the support for the new analogue pad, with one stick controlling the movement while the other pads the camera, vibration is also supported and it's in high resolution. The old control method is also supported.

The updated engine features particle effects; coloured lightning; more realistic shadows and transparencies; and weather effects like snow, rain, and mist; while the enhanced geometry allows for more natural curving environments, making it the best looking game in the series.

One of the updates on Lara herself will be the addiction of ears(!) but more are still expected. Several new outfits will also be included as well as a more detailed skin.

The game is divided into 15 levels, with there separate adventures that can be played in any order. Lara will visit London, the South Pacific, India and even Area 51.

The levels will be much less linear than before as well as the mission objectives. There will be several routes through each stage and several ways to accomplish it. In London, for instance, Lara (wearing her new thigh-fitting cat burglar outfit) will have to scramble across rooftops and buildings to retrieve an artifact, but instead of killing everyone in sight, she'll have to use stealth technics in order to avoid guards and security systems.

Also expect new vehicles, new weapons, new traps, Tarzan-like ropes and new enemies. One of the new traps are the first level quicksands, where Lara will wade through at a waste level looking a lot like the shallow water movement in TR2.

T-Rexes are also expected to make an appearance!

5/30: Eidos' show

Take a look at Eidos booth, with a big Lara standing there, and party (which run out of alcohol too early in the evening!!), here with Third Eye Blind playing a gig.

5/30: The Tomb Raider style

There's no doubt that Tomb Raider started a new style of games, you easy hear about the "Tomb Raider style" that about the "3D third-person action-adventure style".
This year, besides TR3, there will be a host of TR Style games, some of them from Core themselves. Here's a list of some of the games announced at E3:

  • Ninja by Core Design/Eidos Interactive (September '98)
  • Omikron by Quantic Dream/Core Design/Eidos Interactive (November '98)
  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine by LucasArts (2nd Half 1998)
  • Alien Resurrection by Argonaut/Fox Interactive (Q3 '98)
  • Drakken by Pysgnosis (Winter '98)
  • Xena: Warrior Princess by Digital Arts/Universal Interactive (Q4 '98)
  • Tenchu by Sony Music/Activision (TBA)
  • Nightmare Creatures by Kalisto/Activision (TBA)

5/30: TR2: Best Action/Adventure Game

GamePro, announced the winners of The 7th Annual GamePro Readers' Choice Awards. The awards ceremony was held Thursday evening in IDG Games Media Group's booth at E3 where representatives of the winning games were presented with an award by John Rousseau, President and CEO of IDG Games Media Group, and Wes Nihei, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of GamePro magazine.

Tomb Raider II was elected the best action/adventure game of 1997. Congratulations Core and Eidos!

Source: The Croft Times