Eidos MP3 Audio Podcasts (June - July)

Podcast 1 – Introduction and questions.
Eidos and Crystal are delighted to present the release of the first in a series of Tomb Raider Podcasts. Featuring Eric Lindstrom, the creative director of Tomb Raider: Underworld, along with other stars from the Crystal Dynamics team, these podcasts offer a unique insight into the development of Underworld and behind scenes info from the studio behind Lara’s next adventure.
Podcast 2 – Location, next gen and blood!
In this week's podcast Eric, Rob and Pat talk us through some exciting location news, how the development of next gen works with the other versions along with some other cool exclusive info, you heard it here first.
Podcast 3 - Interview with TR:U composer Troels Folmann
Troels Folmann, the composer of the TR:U theme, talks us through his music and inspiration.
Podcast 4 - The packshot and the Trailer
Kathryn Clements (Brand Manager) and Darrall Gallagher (Director of Art) talk about the logo, the packshot....... and the forth coming trailer!
Podcast 5 - The cinematics, trailer and DLC
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credit to Keir, Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Mona Sax and tombraiderforums.com