Tomb Raider 1 Artifacts

Centuries ago, Atlantis was ruled by three powerful people- Qualopec, Tihocan and Natla. Each of them had one peice of a magical pendant called the Scion. But, when Natla used her peice to creat a new race of creatures, she was parted from her peice and banished from the Continent. Lara Croft goes after it to find out it's secrets, and she must travel from Peru to Rome and Egypt to Atlantis to find all the clues.

Atlantean Scion

Scion Scion Scion Scion

An ancient device the Atlantean Scion was apparently capable of "powers beyond the creator himself", that was fashioned by the three great rulers of Atlantis, Qualopec, Tihocan, and Natla.

The device was apparently created in parts due to the infinate energy it generated. When the three leaders connected it, it caused havoc, killing thousands, perhaps millions. It was split once again. Each of the leaders wore their piece around their neck to ensure that it remained apart.

One of the leaders, Natla, wished to possess and harness this power. She stole Tihocan's piece right from his neck and combined the device. Before she could cause more damage, Qualopec and Tihocan cought her and cast her piece of the device deep under the City of Khamoon, into the Sanctuary of the Scion.

After a short meeting, Qualopec and Tihocan sentenced Natla to be frozen in a stasis chamber and placed under current-day Los Alamos, New Mexico, for all time. The island of Atlantis began to break up because of the stress generated by the Scion. The leaders placed all of the Atlantians in green bubbles that kept them in stasis until a solution could be found. The two remaining leaders decided to deal with the device the only way they could.

Qualopec created a temple high in the Andes, in Peru. This temple was placed under a city created by the Peruvians, Valicimbla. Beneath this city, a lost valley laid where Qualopec had apparently animated a group of dinosaurs. In order to reach the entrance to Qualopec's temple, a intruder would have to encounter these vicious dinosaurs.

Tihocan traveled to Italy and placed his temple beneath the Earth's surface, but inside a cylinder-like mountain. He hollowed out the mountain and inside, just under the summit he placed a gigantic chamber that contained 4 rooms each containing a key of a god. Each god's mythological power was simulated to stop anyone from reaching the keys. After obtaining the keys of Thor, Atlas, Neptune and Democles, one could enter a Coliseum within the mountain that was guarded by many wild animals. After the Coliseum, the Palace of Midas was placed, which could only be passed when 3 lead bars were placed on the Midas statue's hand and turned into gold. The statue was intended that one would have to climb on the inside wall of the mountain to reach the open palm of Midas' hand, but because of aging, the statue had since fallen apart, and only its legs remained standing. The hand laid on the floor of the caved-in chamber, ready for easy use. After passing through the palace, a large Cistern lie, where 3 keys had to be found to finally open the secret entrance to the Tomb of Tihocan, underneath the mountain. After many years, a group of monks built St. Francis' Folly on top of this mountain, soon learning what laid beneath, but knowing they could never possess it. However, they one day hoped someone will, therefore, they dug into the large god chamber, so that it was accessible from the Folly.

Inside their temples, Qualopec and Tihocan hid thier pieces hoping they would never be found. They both died inside their temples. Qualopec himself never left his chair facing his piece of the Scion when died, and his aids where mummified standing up, still guarding him. Tihocan recieved a more proper burial, when he was descovered dead deep within the mountain when St. Francis' Folly was placed above. The monks obviously had to have great will-power to stop themselves from taking the piece.

In 1990, a meteorite hit the desert and knocked the seal off Natla's stasis container, freeing her. Using her ancient knowledge and cunning, Natla became a quick billionare, heading the company Natla Technologies and taking the first name, Jaqueline (to blend in with modern society). She once again searched for the pieces of the Scion, hoping to reassemble it and harness its power to continue her experiments once again.

In 1996, she enlisted the help of the archeologist tomb raider Lara Croft to find the first piece. As she retrieved it from the Tomb of Qualopec, Lara planned to keep it to herself, however, Larson, one of Natla's cronies was sent to kill her and take the Scion. Lara escaped and searched for the other pieces. After she had rummaged through the Tomb of Tihocan (killing Pierre DuPont, another one of Natla's cronies) and the Sanctuary of the Scion, Lara had gained the last two pieces. Her victory was short lived.

Natla had been waiting for Lara at the exit to the Sanctuary. She stole the pieces back, bringing them with her to Atlantis. There, she came very close to her goal of immortality, mutating into the creatures the Atlanteans had become but retaining her sanity, apparently almost perfecting the Scion's effects. But before she could finish, she was stopped and apparently killed by Croft. Croft destroyed the Scion, and the resulting energy spike caused the mountain to begin breaking apart. As she was escaping, Lara once again encountered Natla. She was obviously partially successful in stopping herself from dying, because it took two more times until she was completely dead. Lara then escaped as Atlantis was destroyed behind her.

Art by St.Natla