Tomb Raider 3 Artifacts

Millions of years ago, a meteor survived the plunge through the Earth's atmosphere, impacting the then warm climate of Antarctica.

The first people to discover this land were a tribe of Polynesians. Despite the now freezing conditions, there was an abnormal abundance of life and the tribe settled, worshipping the meteorite crater for the powers it appeared to hold.

Generations later though, catastrophic events forced them to flee in terror.

Today, the same area is being excavated by the research company; RX Tech, who are picking up unusual readings from the meteorite's impact zone. It is in this zone that they uncover the body of a sailor from Charles Darwin's voyage on The Beagle. It seams a few of his sailors had explored the interior of the crater.

Following a story from one of the sailor's journal, RX Tech have started to take a particular interest in, not only the crater area, but other parts of the globe where the sailor's traveled to. and died in.

One of these places is India - where Lara is currently searching for the legendary Infada artifact. Unaware of its true history, she only knows that in local beliefs it was supposed to hold great powers and has been revered by tribes there throughout the years.

Soon she will discover a lot more.

The Infada Stone The Eye of Isis Element 115 The Ora Dagger
The Infada Stone The Eye of Isis Element 115 The Ora Dagger