Lara Croft Lady Lara Croft is an 11th generation Countess. The Croft family was granted the title and rights to Abbingdon, Surrey by King Edward VI in 1547. The Croft Estates are comprised of three separate manor houses, two of which are maintained by the National Trust, and the third is home to Lady Croft.

Little Lara Lady Croft herself has suffered several personal tragedies, including the deaths of both parents on separate occasions before she came of age. Reputably an accredited genius and Olympic-standard gymnast, Lady Croft is the focus of wild speculation and intense debate in both the sci-entific and political communities in addition to the popular press. Idealized and vilified in equal measure, she is perhaps one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of our time.

Personal History

Lara's Parents Lara Croft was born in Surrey’s Parkside hospital to Lady Amelia Croft and the notorious arche-ologist Lord Richard Croft, the late Earl of Abbingdon.

Between the ages of three and six, she attended the Abbingdon Girls School, where it quickly became clear that she was an exceptionally gifted child.

Plane Crash At the age of nine she survived a plane crash in the Himalayas that took the life of her mother. In perhaps the first story of her prodigious indomitability, she somehow survived a solo ten-day trek across the Himalayan mountains, one of the most hostile environments on the planet. The story goes that when she arrived in Katmandu she went to the nearest bar and made a polite tele-phone call to her father asking if it would be convenient for him to come and pick her up.

Lara's Father For six years following the plane crash, Lara rarely left her father’s side, traveling around the world from one archeological dig site to another. During this period she was ostensibly given a standard education from private tutors, but it would probably be more accurate to say she was her father’s full time apprentice.

When Lara was fifteen, her father went missing in Cambodia. Extensive searches by the authori-ties and Lara herself turned up human remains that could not definitively be identified. Since Lord Croft’s body was not officially recovered, Lara could not directly inherit the Croft title and Lara was thrust into a bitter family feud over control of the Abbingdon estates with her uncle Lord Errol Croft. Lara eventually won the legal battle, and took possession of her inheritance but at the cost of a deep rift in the Croft family that left her estranged from her living relatives.

Professional History

Looking for Artifacts Lady Lara Croft has already eclipsed her father’s career; as of this writing she is credited with the discovery of some fifteen archeological sites of international significance. These sites are still yielding new and exciting insights to the past on an ongoing basis. No one can deny Lady Croft’s incredible contribution to the field of archeology, however she is not without her detractors.

Lara’s methods have been frequently called into question by government officials and other practicing archeologists. She has been described variously as anything from cavalier to down-right irresponsible. Some scholars have suggested that her notorious lack of documentation and brute force methodology have contaminated countless sites and done more harm than good. There have even been (unsubstantiated) allegations that Lara actually takes items from these sites before informing the international community of their locations, and that she is nothing more than a glorified treasure hunter.


Despite the tabloid press’s infatuation with her, Lara Croft guards her privacy with complete de-termination. She has never granted an interview nor made any personal comment to any of the rumors associated with her, preferring to express herself through brief formal statements given by the family solicitors, Hardgraves and Moore.

Lara's Diary Predictably there have been a number of unofficial biographies printed about the young Count-ess, that attribute wild and fantastic feats to her exploits, ranging from the discovery of living dinosaurs in the Congo to infiltrating the infamous Area 51 in Nevada. The official line from the Croft Estate to these works is simply that “...these books are utter rot: disgraceful, trashy works of total fiction.”

Nevertheless if you even make a cursory search on the Internet for the Unexplained, the Mysteri-ous and the Downright Unbelievable, time and again you will find Lara Croft’s name appearing. She appears to be a hero to conspiracy theorists and alternate history aficionados alike.

It seems the further you dig into Lady Croft’s life, the more bewildering and mysterious she be-comes. Perhaps like the archeological sites she discovers, we have only scratched the surface of this incredible woman and the complex and inscrutable secrets buried deep within her.

Prior Biography (1996-2005)

Lara Croft PROFILE

NAME: Lara Croft
BIRTH DATE: February 14, 1967
BIRTHPLACE: Wimbledon, Surrey
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT: 118 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Brunette



  • Private Tutoring (3 - 11)
  • Wimbledon High School for Girls (11 - 16)
  • Gordonstoun Boarding School (16 - 18)
  • Swiss Finishing School (18 - 21)


Not much of a team player. Discovered rock climbing while at Gordonstoun and used to set off into the hills alone during netball practice.

Also took up shooting as an extra-curricular activity but was instantly banned for showing "too keen an interest'. However, the strength that climbing gave her fingers was to become useful when she started pulling triggers for real.


The daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure world of aristocracy surrounded by tennis, butlers and corgis. But this all started to change when she went to the renowned school of Gordonstoun and found the mountains of Scotland. Later, at her Swiss finishing school, she took to the art of extreme skiing and spent a holiday in the Himalayas searching for more challenging terrain. On her return trip however, the plane crashed deep within the mountains and Lara was the only survivor. Two weeks later, when she walked into a mountain village, her experiences had had a profound effect on her. Unable to stand the suffocating atmosphere of upper-class British society any longer, she realised she was only truly alive when she was travelling alone. Despite this drastic life change, Lara still retains the essence of her upbringing - most notably with her polite, upper-class accent. Lara's parents though, having sported hopes of her marrying the Earl of Farringdon, were less than convinced about this chosen lifestyle and ceased to associate with their daughter - even terminating her monthly allowance. The Earl is still waiting. While in England, Lara lives in a mansion in Surrey which she inherited many years ago. At one time she saw little use in it but now realises that, if nothing else, it is at least handy for storing all the artifacts she has acquired on her travels. She has also had a custom-built assault course constructed in the grounds for training purposes.


Lara doesn't consider tomb raiding as a job, merely a way of life - although she has been known to uncover archeological artifacts on commission.

To fund her radical lifestyle, Lara writes travel books. Titles so far have included 'A Tyrannosaurus is jawing at my head' and 'Slaying Bigfoot'. Her common complaint though is that she doesn't have enough time to put pen to paper.


As well as uncovering many notorious archaeological sites -including the Atlantean pyramid and the last resting place of the Dagger of Xian, Lara has found fame in other areas she has driven the dangerous Alaskan Highway from Tierra del Fuego in South America in record time(although this was later denounced by the Guinness Book of Records due to her "reckless driving") and she hit the headlines again when she hunted out and killed Bigfoot in North America.



  • Deliverance (1972)
  • Aguirre Wrath of God (1977)


Lara was brought up to appreciate classical music but having been a guest on U2's Popmart tour, has since become a fan of their music. She made appearance during the performance of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" and was included into U2' Tour Book. She has also been introduced to the sounds of Nine inch Nails by her Aunty and considers it "good easy listening". Finds trance music, in general, good for training.

Beans on Toast FAVORITE FOOD:
Despite being a proficient cook from her days at finishing school and having sampled most of the exotic delicacies of the world, Lara usually opts for beans on toast when at home.

Norton Motorbike FAVORITE TRANSPORT: A Norton Streetfighter motorbike.

Any challenging sports. Has a particular interest in experimenting with different, often extreme forms of transport. Has also once admitted to stitching a kind of Bayeaux tapestry of her own adventures while at home.

Blessed Everest AMBITIONS:
With her unique physical abilities, Lara is certain of being able to break many world athletic records and so sees no challenge in this herself. Her main ambitions s till lie in the undefined world of tombs and the past. She has also however, developed a personal regard for Brian Blessed's attempts to climb Everest. If he never succeeds, she is determined to piggy-back him up there.

The Mummy HEROES:
All the great ancient figures who respected themselves enough to design such intricate tombs to be buried in. "Nobody goes tot rouble like that anymore..."

Corgi FEARS:
Her Auntie’s Corgi which has bitten her on several occasions - about which, for once, there is little she can do.

LUCKY CHARM: Any gun at hand.