Tomb Raider 4 Characters

Lara Croft


The daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure world of aristocracy - wanting for nothing she was surrounded by servants, social events and high society.

Having attended Wimbledon High School for Girls from the age of 11 years, Lara's parents decided that now she was 16, she should broaden her education by studying for her A' levels at one of England's most prominent boarding schools. Whilst her academic achievements were outstanding, a number of comments on her term reports indicated that she could perhaps benefit from a more structured lifestyle in order to keep her somewhat impulsive nature firmly in hand…

An adventurous soul, Lara found the idea of being sent away from home an exciting prospect. With the summer vacation stretching far out in front of her, school seemed a million miles away. Idyllic days were spent riding, swimming, building tree-houses and exploring the full extent of the Croft estate... and beyond. Preferring her own company to that of others, Lara would often take herself off at dawn, returning only at nightfall for supper - much to the distress of her mother who often spent hours phoning friends in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of her wayward daughter.

Upon her return on one such occasion, Lara heard her parents deep in conversation. Concerned that their daughter's vacation was being spent in a less than structured manner, they were discussing the merits of a trip to Europe. Lara would be sent off with her Aunt, a local school teacher, to be educated about European history. Not only would she broaden her horizons via travel, but would surely benefit from a first-hand experience of Europe's main sites of historical interest.

Whilst Lara felt excitement at the prospect of foreign travel, the thought of being accompanied by her stuffy Aunt soon deadened her interest. The idea of being chaperoned, lectured and disciplined 24 hours a day filled her with horror.

As she lingered by the door, Lara glanced at the copy of National Geographic on the hall table. The front cover featured a familiar name - Professor Werner Von Croy. A respected archaeologist, Von Croy had once lectured at Lara's school to pupils and parents alike. The experience had a profound effect on Lara, triggering a desire for travel to remote locations in search of adventure. In some ways Von Croy had become an inspirational figure for Lara - the memories he had recounted came flooding back as if she had been there herself, rekindling her desire to experience the rewards of discovery firsthand.

Perhaps Lara's restless nature and desire for adventure was inherited from her father. He had made a point of attending the lecture since he had often visited archaeological digs in places such as Jordan, Egypt and South America in his youth. Although he had little time to read these days, he still subscribed to archaeological journals and on the odd occasion when he had time to spend with Lara, she would listen, totally captivated, as he recounted his experiences.

As Lara read further, she learned that Von Croy was currently preparing for an archaeological tour across Asia, culminating in a potential new discovery to be made in Cambodia. With limited finances, he would travel alone, possibly hire cheap local help along the way. Already having researched extensively, and planning to do more whilst in Asia, Lara could already see the promise of discovery shining in his blue eyes as they stared out at her from the page.

Unable to contain herself, Lara burst into the room, thrust the article in front of her parents and without hesitation demanded she accompany Von Croy on his expedition, rather than visit Europe's already well-documented and seemingly bland remains. Laughter ensued as neither parent took the idea seriously, but as she argued her case it became more plausible that the experience might well stand Lara in good stead for a future studying history. She may even pursue a career in teaching, just like her Aunt. After his own experiences, Lord Croft could hardly disagree that travel was an education in itself.

Familiar with Von Croy's respected standing and reputation for carefully planned expeditions, Lara's father found himself struggling to argue against her intelligent reasoning and resourceful nature. She was after all, almost an adult - a mature teenager at least. Her fearless approach to tree-climbing, physical agility and general tomboy antics left him with little doubt that she was physically capable.

As Lara argued the case further, he found himself walking over to the desk and penning a letter to Von Croy, introducing himself as an influential society figure and offering financial assistance in exchange for his daughter's place on the expedition.

Von Croy's reply assured the Henshingly Crofts that the territories were friendly and that he had ample experience to look after both his and Lara's wellbeing. Lara's company as an assistant would be welcome, as was the offer of such a generous cheque. He remembered Lara from his lecture - her incessant yet inciteful questions had made quite an impression upon him.

Lara's mother, for one, secretly welcomed the fact that her daughter's whereabouts could now be the responsibility of somebody else, leaving her free to organise charity events without distraction. And so it was agreed by all that Lara would accompany Von Croy for the duration of the tour.