Other Tomb Raider Apparel

Tomb Raider Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Black cotton/polyester blend sweatshirt features the Tomb Raider logo in color on the front and the eye logo on the left sleeve. sweatshirt has hood and front pocket.

Sizes in inches: M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48) XXL (50-52)

Tomb Raider Windbreaker

Black nylon windbreaker features the Tomb Raider logo front and back. Windbreaker has buttons on front and tie strings at the bottom.

Sizes in inches: M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48) XXL (50-52)

Black Lycra Shorts

Lara Croft may well be the perfect heroine of our times. Bright, ballsy and beautiful, she doesn't need anyone to mollycoddle her. If you fancy yourself as having a strong independent streak (or if you just need something practical for jungle tomb-raiding expeditions) then these snug shorts in the style of those she wears will be right up your alley.

Special Instructions: Hand or machine wash

90% Cotton
10% Lycra