Lara Croft Statues by Atlas

Please excuse the funny translation for this article. We didn't want to change the meaning too much when we translated it from its original French. If anything you can laugh about how overly dramatic Frenchies are in describing things.

With their new collection "Lara Croft Tomb Raider -The Official Files", Atlas offers you a single collection of figurines of an exceptional realism and a glamour!

The Editions Atlas created for you are an exclusive collection of splendid figurines of the sexiest virtual heroine! And thanks to included the booklets, you will experience the universe of this attractive adventuress.

With the numerous items in the collection, you are getting a true treasure! Do not pass such a big new collection! In the booklets you will find a lot of interesting information: secrets of the sexiest heroine of video game and movies, weapons, enemies and vehicles; everything from the universe which surrounds such an adventuress as Lara.

Collection includes:

  • 61 Lara Croft Figures
  • 6 Sets
      - Lara encounters T Rex
      - Lara encounters the Dragon
      - Lara in the Quad Bike
      - Lara in the Motorcycle
      - The Commemorative Statue
      - The Murder of Von Croy
  • 14 Tomb Raider artifacts
  • 6 Volumes of Books

Discover the superb gifts that we offer to you if you choose to subscribe for the offer!
With the first shipment, you will receive as a free gift a superb Lara Croft key-chain!
Together with the figures #4 and 5 of your collection, you will receive another gift - an ultra practical Tomb Raider bag to carry your business items easily!
Together with the figures #6 and 7 of your collection, a new gift awaits you! You will receive a magnificent Tomb Raider watch !

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Editions Atlas S.A.S. au capital de 15 000 000. RCS Evreux B 693 650 137 1186 rue de Cocherel 27000 Evreux - tl Indigo: 0 825 8000 784 (0,15 TTC/mn) Atlas website. Pictures of the figures taken from Atlas, and ebay

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