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Lara Croft Lucozade

Since 1999 Lucozade was represented by Lara Croft. Lara epitomised the energy attributes of Lucozade Energy drink with her action adventures in both the game and the adverts. A national TV campaign showed Lara-likes capturing the energy of Lara, turning everyday situations into dramas.

Over the next 4 years Lara's character was being used in high profile on-pack promotions: 'Challenge Lara at Croft Manor'in 2001; 'Gone a Bit Lara?' in 2002; and 'Your brain is a Weapon - Load it like Lara' in 2003. Each of this promotions offered great prizes for Lucozade Energy drinkers.

Eidos News (17 April, 2001)
Lucozade pay ultimate tribute to Lara!

To coincide with the release of the Tomb Raider Movie this summer, Lucozade will be temporarily renaming all of their popular Lucozade Energy drinks to Larazade! The promotion will run from May to July 2001, with the release of the film coming slap bang in the middle of this publicity on June 15th.

The special bottles of Larazade will feature Lara on their packaging and she'll also be used on Lucozade's print, cinema and television advertising. If this isn't enough, fans of Tomb Raider and Lucozade will be able to enter a unique Tomb Raider Challenge! Those lucky enough to qualify as a winner will take part in a two day Challenge at a real life version of Lara's home, Croft Manor. The winners of the event will then take home one of five special edition Land Rovers almost identical to those used in the Tomb Raider Movie.

Such is the significance of this deal, that it is the first alteration of the Lucozade brand name for over seventy years! Jeremy Heath-Smith, Managing Director of Lara's creators Core Design commented: "We are delighted to continue such an effective relationship with Lucozade and are thrilled that the brand is further strengthening its support for Lara with this great tribute."

Helen Gorman, marketing manager for Lucozade, reiterates GlaxoSmithKline's high esteem for Lara by saying: "Millions of gamers all over the world have spent more time with Lara Croft than they have with their best friends or partners. She is a heroine to millions of men and women and her dynamic and energetic nature fits well with the power of Lucozade Energy. We're delighted that we can honour her by changing the name of Lucozade to Larazade and by creating Croft Manor in real life as a fantastic prize for our brand's consumers."

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Lara Croft Candy Bar

They are produced by True Confections, Inc., and each candy bar wrapper features a different image of Lara Croft and a comment from her about the flavour. Lara's comments could be considered funny or not, depending on the image you have of Lara. There are four flavours to choose from.

Lara Croft's Crispy Chocolate Escape
"I don't mind this one so much, at least I'm dressed comfortably and I actually like the bar."

Lara Croft's Caramel Quest
"Who thought of these names anyway? I don't even like caramel! Marketing guys... go figure, right?"

Lara Croft's Peanut Butter Expedition
"I'm only in this for the money, but the candy's not bad."

Lara Croft's Chocolate Adventure
"Hey, I choose the flavor, they picked the picture. I made them pay extra to get me into the bikini though."

A Letter from Ms Croft:

Those of you that follow my adventures probably can't appreciate the enormous cost involved in sustaining this lifestyle.

Therefore, with considerable reluctance I agreed to allow these 'gentlemen' from the States to use my name and image on their product for the sole purpose of bolstering my travel account.

Only an American could think of something as ridiculous as this...

While it wasn't my first choice for a product endorsement, I must confess to a small weakness for chocolate.

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