Tomb Raider Magazines

LARA The Face - June 1997

Lara Croft appeared on the cover of british magazine "The Face".

June issue of this trendy magazine featured an 8 page article on the most fashionable character in computer games: our own Lara.

The most notable fact about this article is the exclusive photo session with Lara. She can be seen wearing a black bikini by Gucci, a red and black print dress by Jean Colonna and a black jacket and trousers by Alexander McQueen, complemented by a 9mm sub-machine-gun by Walter, a gun by Kalashnikov, a 9mm gun by Uzi and Lara's own hand grenade.

You also shouldn't miss the interview with Lara's creator Toby Gard.

LARA Lara's Official Magazine - December 1999

"LARA - The Official Lara Croft Magazine", came out in the United Kingdom and was available across Europe.

Published by Future Publishing, and edited by Emma Parkinson, it covers everything you might want to know about Lara and Tomb Raider. It has 130 full colour pages and it sure is a collectors item.

The main features are lots and lots of great pictures of Lara and her human models, a Core tour, an interview with Jeremy Smith, an article about Mark Klinnert the man that makes the most beautiful Lara figures, Lara in the media, interviews with fans, fan art, an article about Douglas Coupland author of "Lara's Book", coverage of Tomb Raider on the net, many contests where you can win many great prizes, and even an interview with our editor Luis Cunha!

Next Gen Next Generation - February 2001

Computer game action heroes Duke Nukem and Lara Croft feature on the front cover of NextGen's sex and violence in games issue.

Wizard Magazine #109 - September , 2000

Angelina Jolie in the cover as Lara Croft. The painting was done by the famed artist Joe Jusko.

The magazine features a lengthy article on the Tomb Raider movie

Starburst #274, June 2001

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is expected to be this summer's big blockbuster movie. This issue takes you behind the scenes with Angeline Jolie, Daniel Craig and the crew. Also included in this month's issue are interviews with Andromeda's Keith Hamilton Cobb more on Voyager's last days, the Mummy Returns, Earth: Final Conflict and First Wave.

Official US Playstation Magazine - Issue #54, March 2002

Play Magazine - June 2005

Cover - Tomb Rader: Legend. Also: Still Life, E3 2005 Previews, Quake IV, Pariah, Lara Croft retrospective, Xbox 360 Feature, Iga interview, and Atelier Iris!

Cradle Of Life Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

Once again the fate of the world rests on one woman's shoulders. For the sake of civilisation, Lara must trust one man. A liar. A mercenary. One of the most dangerous men on the planet -- Lara's former lover.

Celebrating the release of the much-anticipated sequel, Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life: Tomb Raider 2, Titan Publishing are releasing the official Tomb Raider 2 Official Movie Souvenir Magazine! This one-off special is the perfect partner to the film and is your all access pass to Croft Manor and more importantly -- the lady behind the big guns herself! Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • Interviews with Cast and Crew!
  • Behind the Scenes action and exclusive set reports!
  • One to one with Angelina Jolie!
  • Special FX exploded!
  • Exclusive production art!
  • 68 pages, 4 different covers

Souvenir Magazine Souvenir Magazine Souvenir Magazine Souvenir Magazine