Tomb Raider 3 Locations


Lara's Mansion Tomb Raider III features the largest tutorial level yet seen in a Tomb Raider game. The assault course from Tomb Raider II is drastically expanded to include exercise of Lara's new moves, target practice and a racetrack to hone the player's handling of the quad bike. Inside the mansion, a secret room can be discovered filled with artifacts and memorabilia from Lara's past adventures.


India The game begins in the jungle of India, where Lara is on the trail of a mystical relic called the Infada stone. She travels by foot and on a quad, as the game takes her through old temple ruins and along the shores of the river Ganges. Whilst exploring these parts, she comes across Tony, who apparently went mad and stole the Infada stone from its shrine. The levels in India are generally of an easy difficulty. After they have been completed, the player may choose their next mission from there on.

  • Level 1: Jungle
  • Level 2: Temple Ruins
  • Level 3: River Ganges
  • Level 4: Caves of Kaliya


Nevada The American government has obtained Element 115 and stored it deep within Area 51, a secret military base in the Nevada desert, where all sorts of experiments are rumoured to take place. Unbeknownst to them, it is one of the four pieces of meteorite rock on Lara's treasure list. After a haphazard attempt to break into the base, Lara is locked up in a cell and stripped of her weapons. From here on the game takes her through prisons, laboratories and military testing hangars. The levels in Nevada range from easy to hard, and the emphasis lies on stealth rather than action.

  • Level 5 - Nevada Desert
  • Level 6 - High Security
  • Level 7 - Area 51


South Pacific Islands Among the beautiful scenery of the South Pacific, Lara fights tribal warriors, finds a crashed plane, and kayaks through the dangerous currents of Madubu Gorge. Her trail leads her into the Temple of Puna. The levels in the South Pacific are of an average difficulty.

  • Level 8 - Coastal Village
  • Level 9 - Crash Site
  • Level 10 - Madabu Gorge
  • Level 11 - Temple of Puna


London Lara crosses rooftops of London, in search of the Eye of Isis. After a detour through St. Paul's Cathedral, she goes down into deserted subway stations and later visits the British Natural History Museum. In Aldwych, she is introduced to a secret gang of masked men who call themselves "The Damned." In the second half of the third level, Lara also infiltrates Sophia Leigh's gigantic cosmetic factory, and makes her way through a system of air ducts to reach Sophia Leigh's office in the City district for the final confontration. The levels in London are generally of a hard to extremely hard difficulty. Hazards include incredible heights (particularly in the Thames Wharf rooftops), speeding trains, a tunnel borer, and disorienting, maze-like underwater passages.

  • Level 12 - Thames Wharf
  • Level 13 - Aldwych
  • Level 14 - Luds Gate
  • Level 15 - City


Antarctica After Lara's helicopter crashes into the ice cold waters of Antarctica, she must make her way through the abandoned research stations of RX Tech, before meeting up with Dr. Willard to hand over the stones. She descends down mines and into the Lost City of Tinnos. The heart of the meteorite cavern is where the story ends. The levels of Antarctica are the hardest in the game. Along with freezing water, the Lost City of Tinnos' "elemental chambers" contain deadly traps according to their element. For instance, the "Earth" chamber contains swamp, deep heights, and falling rocks. The boss on the last level is also incredibly hard, since he carries cannons that kill instantly, and cannot be defeated initially.

  • Level 16 - Antarctica
  • Level 17 - RX Tech Mines
  • Level 18 - City of Tinnos
  • Level 19 - Meteorite Cavern


All Hallows After the Antarctica missions are completed, and the player has managed to find at least 59 secrets in the game, a secret bonus level called "All Hallows" loads up. Once this level is completed, the player is awarded with all weapons and infinite ammo.