Tomb Raider 4 Locations



Training levels.

The initial levels serve the same purpose as Lara's estate did in the past three Tomb Raider titles - they act as a sort of "training ground" to introduce us to the various moves - new and old - which Lara can perform. By the time you have finished them, controlling her will become second nature. These levels also serve an important function relating to the storyline of the new game. They show us Lara as a teenager and introduce us her mentor, Verner Von Croy, who plays a pivotal role in the rest of the game.

  • 1. Angkor Wat
  • 2. Race for the Iris
Egypt Valley of the Kings


Recovering the Amulet of Horus.

Lara and her guide are exploring the Tomb of Seth in Egypt looking for the Amulet of Horus. Solving the puzzle of the fire tiles will give you the Timeless Sands. When this is placed in the hands of a statue you find in a room to the south of the Sphinx, sand will empty from the main floor and allow you to climb inside the Sphinx's mouth. Lara's guide will betray her at this point.

  • 3. The Tomb of Seth
  • 4. Burial Chambers
  • 5. Valley of the Kings
  • 6. KV5
Egypt Karnak


Discovering the truth.

Your former guide has managed to escape for the time being. You've got to figure out how to open a gate in order to continue chasing him. Follow him across the dunes and enter a tunnel at the very end. You discover that by removing the Amulet of Horus, you have set in motion events that will lead to the release of an evil power. You've got to enter the Tomb of Semerkhet in order to find clues on how to contact the evil. Before you can reach the Tomb, however, you must traverse through three separate areas acquiring the relics which will allow you to reach the next location.

  • 7. Temple of Karnak
  • 8. The Great Hypostyle Hall
  • 9. Sacred Lake
  • 10. Tomb of Semerkhet (Horus Priest)
  • 11. Guardian of Semerkhet
  • 12. Desert Railroad
Egypt Alexandria


The search for the armor.

During this stretch of the game, you will be looking for the Armor that is located in Cleopatra's Palace. However, in order to get to the palace, you must first make your way through the Lost Library and find all three Golden Star Keys. In order to get to the Lost Library, you must make your way through parts of Alexandria and Coastal Ruins. Then, you have to make it through the huge Catacombs area alive (and with the four Tridents in your possession) and come out of Poseidon's Temple unscattered. Then, there is the Temple of Isis... Oh, my! This adventure is not for the weak. Come on... Let's get going!

  • 13. Alexandria
  • 14. Coastal Ruins
  • 15. Catacombs
  • 16. Temple of Poseidon
  • 17. The Lost Library
  • 18. Hall of Demetrius
  • 19. Pharos, Temple of Isis
  • 20. Cleopatra's Palace
Egypt Cairo


The search for Jean-Pierre.

Well, things have just gotten a bit nasty. In the cut scene, you find out that Von Croy has taken Jean-Pierre prisoner and that he wants to make a trade - the Armor of Horus for the life of Lara's mentor and friend. We all know that this is not the kind of deal that Lara is likely to make - under any circumstances. Get ready for some real challenges as you make your way through some of the darker areas of the game. Keep looking for flares!

  • 21. City of the Dead
  • 22. Chambers of Tulun
  • 23. Citadel Gate
  • 24. Trenches
  • 25. Street Bazaar
  • 26. Citadel
Egypt Gize


The final conflict.

Welcome to the last leg of your journey. Here you're going to face possibly the toughest challenges and puzzles the game has to offer. Lara is going to have to scale great pyramids, delve deep into secret chambers, navigate treacherous traps and pitfalls, confront a very angry Egyptian god, and solve some seriously cunning puzzles. Make sure you save often and keep an eye on your health.

  • 27. Sphinx Complex
  • 28. Underneath the Sphinx
  • 29. Menkaure's Pyramid
  • 30. Inside Menkaure's Pyramid
  • 31. The Mastabas
  • 32. The Great Pyramid
  • 33. Khufu's Queen's Pyramids
  • 34. Inside the Great Pyramid
  • 35. Temple of Horus

Source: Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Prima's Official Strategy Guide