Tomb Raider 6 Locations


Paris Lara meets with Werner in his Parisian apartment before he is murdered in front of her. Now a prime suspect, Lara lays low in the back alleys, finding adventure in the most unlikely places: a nightclub called Le Serpent Rouge and the famous Louvre Galleries.

  • Level 1: Parisian Back Streets
  • Level 2: Derelict Apartment Block
  • Level 3: Industrial Rooftops
  • Level 4: Margot Carvier's Apartment
  • Level 5: Parisian Ghetto
  • Level 6: Le Serpent Rouge
  • Level 7: St. Aicard's Graveyard
  • Level 8: Bouchard's Hideout
  • Level 9: Louvre Storm Drains
  • Level 10: Louvre Galleries
  • Level 11: Archaeological Dig
  • Level 12: Tomb of the Ancients
  • Level 13: The Hall of Seasons
  • Level 14: The Breath of Hades
  • Level 15: Neptune's Hall
  • Level 16: Sanctuary of the Flame
  • Level 17: Wrath of the Beast
  • Level 18: Galleries Under Siege
  • Level 19: Von Croy's Apartment


Prague Lara hunts for clues in the apartment of an affluent art dealer, known as Mathias Vasiley, who was recently murdered by The Monstrum.

Stronghold of the evil organization behind The Monstrum killings, also located in Prague. Lara gains access through a blundering journalist, desperate to expose the organization. The Strahov Fortress is made up of different areas, including a bio-research facility, an underwater research facility, a mental institution (the only Tomb Raider level to be played from another character's perspective) and a secret tomb called The Vault of Trophies. Physically it is a large industrial complex and appears to be fronted by some kind of transport operation.

  • Level 20: The Monstrum Crime Scene
  • Level 21: The Strahov Fortress
  • Level 22: Bio-Research Facility
  • Level 23: The Sanitarium (Kurtis)
  • Level 24: Maxiumum Containment Area (Kurtis)
  • Level 25: Aquatic Research Area
  • Level 26: The Vault of Trophies
  • Level 27: Boaz Returns (Kurtis)
  • Level 28: The Lost Domain
  • Level 29: Eckhardt's Lab