Tomb Raider Legend Locations



The Story of Tomb Raider: Legend opens in Bolivia with Lara free-climbing stunning cliffs that the magnificent South American nation widerness offers. She is there on her own time, tracking down answers and evidence to questions she has been carrying for most of her life. When she arrives at the zenth of her ascent at the foot of the Tiwanaku ruins she unexpectedly finds teams of dubious characters searching for something themselves.



Lara travels to Paraiso, Peru to meet her old friend Anaya at the site of a tragedy in their past. Lara finds new depths to this ancient tomb she explored years ago, but the surprising answers she finds will only help her if she can stay one step ahead of Rutland's mercenaries.



A surprise discovery reveals to Lara that an artifact she's long been searching for has already been found, and was on display in a museum in Japan until it was recently stolen. Lara travels to Tokyo to attend a fancy dress party at the business of an old friend, but her true intention is to meet with the illicit owner of the stolen relic and convince him to part with it, one way or another.



Zip tracks Rutland to the rainforests of Ghana, and Lara heads there straight away. She finds an intricate ruin hidden in plain sight, and she learns that her parents had been to this site before she was born. Now Ruthland is sacking the place with his mercenaries, and while Lara wants to finish the conversation he started in Bolivia, and hopefully acquire the artifact he had taunted her with, she learns that his purpose for being here is intimately connected to the mystery before them.



Alister has his moment to shine by finding obscure references suggesting that more answers might be found in Kazakhstan. A secret Soviet laboratory was dedicated to investigating the paranormal early in the Cold War, and judgind by how quickly and savagely the lab was shut down and covered up by the KGB, indications are that the relics they found were indeed what Lara is searching for. Only Lara isn't the only one who's learned of the site, and she braces herself for what might turn out to be a very uncomfortable reunion.



Lara has been to Nepal many times over the years, but never back to the terrible place that changed her life forever. She thought she's never have to return, having already learned all she could from the site. New information, however, has turned what she believed upside-down, and the answer to one of her most personal quests might yet to be found on that distant Himalayan mountain top.

Croft Manor


The Croft family was granted the title and rights to Abbingdon, Surrey by King Edward VI in 1547. The Croft Estates are comprised of three separate manor houses, one of which is home to Lady Lara Croft, an 11th generation Countess. She enjoys its comforts, but has outfitted it with modern additions with some inconsistent care as to its asthetics, which she claims she'll do something about someday when there is time.