Tomb Raider 1 Manual

System Requirements

  • MS-DOS 6.0 and/or Windows 95
  • Pentium 60 processor (90 MHz or greater recommended)
  • 8 MB RAM required (16 MB RAM recommended)
  • 2X CD-ROM drive required
  • Super VGA VESA compatible video card
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound card or 100% compatible



1. Insert the Tomb Raider CD into your CD drive. The Setup Program will Auto-Run.
2. Select INSTALL with the cursor keys and press Enter to continue.
3. The Setup Program will prompt you for an installation directory (the default is TOMBRAID). Press Enter to continue.
4. The Sound Card Setup screen will appear. If you know what type of sound card you have, you can use the Manually Select Card option and choose your settings. If you're not sure what type of sound card you have, select the Auto Detect option and press Enter.
5. When your sound options are set, they can be tested by selecting the Test option (you'll hear Lara speak).
6. When you're finished in Sound Card Setup, select Continue and press Enter.
Note: On some PCs fitted with Sound Blaster 16/AWE 32 cards, the cards are detected as such by the Setup Program but there might be a problem that causes the cinematic sequences to skip/corrupt during playback. If you experience this type of problem, it usually can be fixed by re--run ning the Setup Program and manually setting the sound card to Sound Blaster Pro.
7. Select the Save Settings option and press Enter to complete the installation.


1. Insert the Tomb Raider CD into your CD drive (usually D:\) and switch to that drive.
2. From your CD drive, type INSTALL and press Enter.
3. Follow steps 2 - 7 of Windows '95/'98 Installation.
4. Type TOMB from the chosen installation directory (default C:\TOMBRAID) to start the game.

IN-Game controls


Cursor Keys . . . . . . Up - Run forward; Down - Jump back; Left/Right - Turn left/right;
Shift . . . . . . . . . . . . . Walk (when used with cursor keys)
Delete . . . . . . . . . . . . Sidestep left
Page Down . . . . . . . . Sidestep right
Spacebar . . . . . . . . . Draw/holster weapon
Alt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jump
Ctrl . . . . . . . . . . . . . Action
Keypad (Ins) . . . . . . Look
Esc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Display menu rings/Quit FMV screens
F1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Toggle low/high resolution
F2/F3 . . . . . . . . . . . . Increase/decrease display size
F4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adjust detail level
F5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shortcut to Save Game screen
F6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shortcut to Load Game screen

Starting the Game

Following a short introductory FMV sequence, you will see the Title screen.


The Passport allows you to start a new game, load a previously saved game or quit the game. Press Enter and the Passport will flip open. Pressing the cursor keys left/right flips through the pages. The first page allows you to choose and load a previously saved game. You can start a new game from the middle pages. From the last page you can quit the game (in-game option only).


  • Choose the Snapshot to access the interactive training level. Lara will explain how the game controls work.
  • To exit the Gym, select the menu ring and use the Exit options within the Passport.


Press Enter on the Controls icon to see a list of default key controls. Press the cursor keys left/right to select the User Keys menu. Then use the cursor keys to highlight any key you want to change. Press Enter on the highlighted control, then press another key or gamepad button to change the control assignment.


  • Press Enter on the Personal Stereo to display options for adjusting the volume of game music and sound effects.
  • Press the cursor keys up/down to toggle between sound effects and music. Press left/right to adjust volume settings.
  • To turn music of sound effects off, set the level to 0.


Use the cursor keys to scroll through various detail level options, and press Enter to select.
Note: Pressing F4 also cycles through detail levels.



Pressing the cursor key up moves Lara forward at a run ning pace. Pressing down makes Lara jump back a short distance. Pressing left/right turns Lara left/right.


Press the Walk key together with the cursor keys to make Lara carefully walk forward or backward. As long as you hold down the Walk key, Lara will not fall of any edge. If Lara walks up to an edge, she will automatically stop.


Pressing the Sidestep key (left or right) makes Lara step to the side.


Pressing the Roll key makes Lara dive forward and finish up facing the opposite direction. Roll can also be accomplished by pressing the cursor keys up and down simultaneously.


Lara can jump in any direction to evade enemies. Press the Jump key and Lara will jump straight up in the air. Press a cursor key immediately after pressing Jump and Lara will jump in the cursor key direction.

Note: By pressing Jump while holding the Action key, you can make Lara inch forward to grab tricky ledges


To dive, preferably into water, hold down the Walk and Jump keys and then press the cursor key up. This move has no real advantage over jumping into water other than it looks great.



If Lara finds a pool of water, she can jump in and have a swim. Lara can hold her breath for about two minutes; if she's still underwater after that, she'll take damage until she drowns.

Pressing any cursor key makes Lara rotate in that direction. Pressing Jump makes Lara swim. Lara can pull levers and pick up objects under water. Just position Lara close to the article and press Action.


Pressing the cursor keys left/right rotates Lara, and up/down makes her swim forward/backward. You can also use the Sidestep keys to make Lara swim left/right on the water's surface. Press Jump to make Lara dive. Press Action plus cursor key up when Lara is close to an edge to make her climb out.


Lara starts the game carrying two pistols. Later, she may find extra weapons.


Press the Draw Weapon key and Lara will draw her guns. If Lara sees something suspicious, she will point her guns at it. If there are multiple enemies, Lara will lock-on to different targets, choosing the best one as she sees fit.

Pressing Action while Lara is aiming at something will assign that enemy as the current target. It will remain the current target indefinitely while you hold Action, regardless of whether or not Lara loses her lock.

While you hold Action, Lara will only fire at the current target, ignoring other enemies in the vicinity. If Lara loses sight of the enemy, she will break her lock, but that enemy will still be assigned as the current target.

The camera will track the current target, so even if Lara loses sight of it, you can still see where it is. To make Lara continue shooting the current target after she has lost her lock, just point her in the right direction. If you want to shoot a different enemy, release Action and Lara will choose a new target.

While Lara has her guns drawn, she can not do anything else involving the use of her hands. This includes the actions described below.


If Lara is near a ledge while she is jumping, pressing and holding Action will allow her to grab the ledge in front of her and hang there. Press left/right and Lara will shimmy sideways. Press up to make Lara climb up to the next level. Release Action and Lara will drop.


If Lara is faced with an obstacle that she can climb over, pressing up and Action will make her vault onto it.


Lara can retrieve objects and store them in her inventory. Position Lara so that the object is in front of her feet. Press Action and she will pick it up.


Position Lara in front of a switch. Press Action and she will use it.


Position Lara if front of the object receptor. Press Action; the item ring will appear. Press left/right to select an object and press Action again to try it.


Lara can push certain blocks around and use them to climb up to greater heights. Stand in front of the block and hold Action. Lara will get into her ready stance. Once she is ready, press down to pull the block or up to push it. To stop pushing or pulling, release Action.


Press Look to move the camera directly behind Lara. Hold down Look and use the cursor keys to look around. Release Look to return to normal view.

Tip: If you are trying to line Lara up for a jump but the camera is in an awkward position, press just the Look button to see exactly which direction Lara is facing.

In-Game Menu Rings

During a game, press Esc to display the Menu Rings. Press left/right to rotate the ring. Press Enter to use or select the foremost item ready for use.

Press up/down to cycle through the Inventory, Items and Options Rings.


Compass - Displays the direction in which Lara is facing.
Weapons - The pistols are selected and ready to use by default. If you have found extra weapons, select one of them and press Action. You can also see how much ammo you have available.
Small MediPak - Restores 50% of Lara's health.
Large MediPak - Restores 100% of Lara's health.


Lara will find some objects that may be useful in solving puzzles. When collected, the items are stored in the Items Ring.


Passport - Select this to use options to restart the level, load or save games or quit back to the Title screen. See above for more information.
Personal Stereo - See above.


To save your current game, press F5 (shortcut) or open the Options Ring and select the Passport, then turn to the Save Game page and select Save Game. Your full game configuration will be saved. Saved games are named automatically.


To load a previously saved game, press F6 (shortcut) or open the Options Ring and select the Passport, turn to the Save Game page and select a game to load.


The Statistics screen appears at the end of every level. Here you can judge just how well you performed.

  • At the successful completion of each level, Lara's health will be fully restored.
  • If Lara dies in-game, you will see the Passport screen, where you can choose to load a previously saved game, restart the level, or quit to the Title screen.


Lead Programmer Paul Douglas
Programmers Jason Gosling, Gavin Rummery
Lead Graphic Artist Toby Gard
Graphic Artists Heather Gibson, Neal Boyd
Additional Programming Derek Leigh-gilchrist, Andrew Howe, Mansoor Nusrat
Additional Artwork Lee Pullen, Peter Barnard, Stuart Atkinson, Dave Pate
Music Nathan McCree
Sound Effects Martin Iveson
Original Concept Toby Gard
Executive Producer Jeremy H. Smith

Producer Mike Schmitt Quality Assura nce Frank Hom, Tom Marx, Matt Miller, Brian Schorr, James Poole, Phil Gelber, Phil Baker, Pres Gabrillo, M.R. Kelly, Mike McHale
Marketing Support Paul Baldwin, Gary Keith, Sutton Trout, Lee Wilkinson, Kelly Zavislak
Special Thanks Ann Cuadra, Charilette Grate, Bozz, Dominic Wheatley, Jo-Kathryn Reavis, Joe O'Donnell, Joh n Kavanagh, Karl Hess, Mike McGarvey, Monique Collins, Paul Mainard, Sandy Jamison, Steve Goebel, Susan Boshkoff, Colleen Conners, Arlette Foley, Kim Gishler
Extra Special Thanks Adrian & Jeremy Smith, Troy Horton, Mark Price, Ken Lockley, Andrew Thompson, Alex Joseph, and everyone else at Core Design!