Tomb Raider 2 Manual

System Requirements
  • Windows 95 compatible computer system
  • Requires DirectX 5.0 (included)
  • Pentium 90MHz processor (133MHz or greater recommended)
  • 16MB RAM required (32MB recommended)
  • 4X CD-ROM drive required
  • 100% Windows 95 compatible sound card required
  • All 100% Direct3D compliant accelerator cards supported


Lead Programmer: Gavin Rummery
Programmers: Andrew Howe, Jason Gosling
Animators: Stewart Atkinson, Joss Charmet
Level Designers: Neal Boyd, Heather Gibson
FMV Sequences: Peter Barnard, David Reading
Additional Artwork: Peter Duncan, Richard Morton, Lee Pullen, Andy Sandham, Christian Russel
Music & Sound Effects: Nathan McCree
Producer: Troy Horton
Executive Producer: Jeremy H. Smith

Producer: Mike Schmitt
Director of Development Operations: James Poole
Lead Tester: Michael McHale
Testing: Tim Moore, Corey Fong, Jeremy Hunter, Phillip Baker, Eric Adams, John Arvay, Phil Campbell, Mike Kelly, Frank Horn, Tom Marx, Matt Miller
Product Managers: Kelly Zavislak, Paul Baldwin
Marketing Support: Gary Keith, Sutton Trout, Tricia Gray, Susan Boshkoff
Special Thanks: Adrian & Jeremy Smith, Troy Horton, Ken Lockley, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, Mike McGarvey, Keith Boesky, Colin Boswell, Phil Campbell, Rebecca Shearin, Steve Smith and everyone at Microsoft