Tomb Raider 2 Gold Manual

System Requirements
  • Win95 compatible computer system
  • P90 (133 recommended)
  • 16mb ram
  • 4x CD ROM
  • directx 5.0 drivers are required and are included on this CD
  • supports most major 3d acceleration graphics cards and compatible soundcards through directx 5.0


The Golden Mask by: Philip Campbell, Rebecca Shearin, Kris Renkewitz
Producer: Mike Schmitt
Product Manager: Kelly Zavislak
Quality Assurance: Corey Fong, Chuck Siu, Lisa Poole, Ralph Ortiz, Franklin Vasquez
Special Thanks: Paul Baldwin, Rob Dyer, Nick Earl, James Poole, Dave Cox, Heather Hawkins, Jo-Kathryn Reavis, Mike Kelly, Mike McHale, Barbara Smith, Charlotte Campbell, Julie Anlinghaus, Anna Boccia, Lee Wilkinson, Karina Kogan

Producer: Troy Horton
Quality Assurance: Darren Price, Tiziano Cirillo, Steve Wakeman, Hayos Fatumnbi, Paul Field, Dave Ward, Jason Churchman
Special Thanks: Jeremy Smith, Adrian Smith, Richard Morton, Richard Flower, Tom Scutt, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, Ken Lockley, Sue Stanier ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide