Episode 2: Quest For Cinnabar

Quest for Cinnabar Publisher: Eidos New Media
Developer: Be Tomorrow / Iomo
Genre: Action-Adventure
Game Platform: Mobile
Release Date: September 20, 2004


A brand new adventure of Lara Croft ! She must secure a priceless ancient vase containing Cinnabar in Tibet.

In the first episode Lara received a commission to retrieve a famous Egyptian work, "The Osiris Codex". On returning from Egypt with the fabled manuscript, Lara finds that her anonymous employer wishes her to travel immediately to Tibet.

Her destination is a nameless ancient monastery, which sits high on an escarpment. Lara must secure a priceless ancient vase containing Cinnabar, a substance used in the creation of life affirming tinctures. Lara Croft is well aware that the supposedly mythical city of Shangri-La is actually rooted in Tibetan folklore, which describes a remote valley inhabited by immortals.

Could this legend be linked to her latest adventure?


  • A game mixing action, adventure and riddles
  • Long and deeply intriguing quest

Quest for Cinnabar

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