Tomb Raider I for N-Gage

TR1NGAGE Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Nokia, Ideaworks3D.
Genre: Action-Adventure
Game Platform: N-Gage
Release Date: October 6 2003


The Original Playstation Classic updated for wireless heaven!

The original cyber babe, Lara Croft, makes her debut on the N-GageT game deck on the original adventure that took gamers by storm.

With her fearless acrobatic style, she runs, jumps, swims, climbs and shoots her way toward recovering and finding the truth behind the ancient artifact, the Scion.


  • Compete against shadow images of other players for the fastest time.
  • Download in-game strategy guides, tips and tricks to accelerate your game.
  • Record, edit and share your best game clips for the ultimate online bragging rights.

Tomb Raider 1 for N-Gage


What more could you ask for than the delectable Lara Croft in the palm of your hand? Classic monster-shooting, exploration, and puzzle-solving action is on offer here, as Lara seeks the Scion, a relic from Atlantis. With 15 huge levels (set in South America, Greece, Egypt and Atlantis) and, even though it runs on a handheld device, full 3D graphics, this is, simply, the best portable version of Tomb Raider ever. Factor in a downloadable Assault Course which lets you compete against a ghost image of your friend's effort, and you have a winner.

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