Tomb Raider Anniversary Mobile

TRA Mobile Publisher: Eidos Mobile
Developer: FinBlade
Genre: Action-Adventure
Game Platform: Mobile
Release Date: Dec 1, 2007


To celebrate ten years of gaming's most famous archaeologist, Lara Croft will star in a new adventure taking in familiar locations from her past. Inspired by the first three Tomb Raider mobile phone games, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary faithfully preserves the elements which made the original mobile games some of the best available on the mobile platform. Taut, and fast-paced, this is a perfect tribute to one of gaming's true legends and the first title to come from new British Developer, FinBlade.


With "Tomb Raider Anniversary" Eidos brings the thrill and excitement of Lara Croft's first adventure to mobile phones.

Explore huge levels that are inspired by the design and atmosphere of 1995's Tomb Raider game but be prepared for some serious updates and new challenges like new enemies, improved graphics and a range of new tools and gadgets that will help Lara manage even the most dangerous situation with her own personal style and coolness.

"Anniversary" for mobile phones features 2D-levels that seem to come directly from its console-counterparts. Gamers will find the same locations but with new levels that have been created from scratch to take advantage of modern phones' capabilities. They will make playing this game on your phone an unforgettable experience even if you just followed Lara through her adventures on console or PC.

TRA Mobile

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