Tomb Raider 2 Gold Trivia

Lara's Back

Lara Croft reprises her role from Tomb Raider II but with the addition of four new levels, a marketing concept similar to that of the original Tomb Raider Gold with its "Unfinished Business" add-on levels. In the Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft Gold edition, Tomb Raider II is augmented by four new Golden Mask levels that find Lara in search of the Dagger of Xian, an artifact imbued with the power of the dragon, or so it's claimed.

In Tomb Raider II Gold, the player will guide Lara through the canals of Venice, go deep-sea diving to explore a sunken ship on the ocean floor, trek over the mountains in Tibet and experience the mysteries of the Great Wall of China. The adventure begins in an abandoned mine complex in Alaska where Lara stumbles on a hidden world and the secrets of the Golden Mask. As before, the game contains multiple reactionary movements by Lara as she swings, climbs, swims, jumps and more through a 3Dfx enhanced environment.

An arsenal of new weaponry awaits the intrepid adventurer - weapons that include a harpoon gun, an M16 rifle, an Uzi, pistols and a rocket launcher. New adversaries have been introduced including sharks, killer eels, mad dogs, Yetis and war-like monks. As Lara faces the new Golden Mask levels, she'll encounter all of these and more in a test of survival and exploration.

Secret of the golden mask:

Join Lara in 4 dramatic levels, set in the final world of Tomb Raider II. Help her explore an abandoned mine complex in Alaska and discover a strange and hidden world. Many more surprises await as Lara uncovers the secret of the Golden Mask. Features:

  • Dynamic lighting allows for new environments and tools such as flares
  • New worlds include Tibet, China, Venice, and a sunken ocean liner
  • New moves allow Lara to swim, backflip, somersault, climb, wade, and even swing from chandeliers
  • New clothing, including a wet suit and bomber jacket
  • New weaponry including automatic pistols, harpoon gun, rocket launcher, M16 rifle, uzis, shotguns, flares and more!
  • All-new enemies, including more human foes, Warrior Monks, Yetis, great white sharks, killer eels, rabid dobermans and more!
  • Refined game engine
  • Smoother control system

Source:, by Michael L. House, All Game Guide