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Lara Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation is the fourth game in the Tomb Raider series. It was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive.

The story begins with Lara's teenaged tomb raiding origins, accompanied by her former mentor Werner Von Croy. They travel to the temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia in the hope of finding the mystical "Iris." However, the trip is cut short by an accident where Lara is forced to abandon her companion in order to save her own life. Back in modern day Egypt (the entire game takes place in one country, unlike other installments in the series), Lara Croft uncovers an ancient tomb where a fearsome Egyptian God was once imprisoned. She unwittingly unleashes him and finds herself in a deadly race against time to restore the god to his resting place before an apocalypse befalls Earth. Unfortunately, Von Croy becomes Lara's new rival as he is possessed by Set himself and he makes things considerably more difficult.


Medi Pack The game does not feature many new moves. However, Lara can now grab hold of ropes dangling from the ceiling and swing from them. These can be used to cross large gaps. She can also now shimmy around corners.

compass Instead of the old item "ring", the inventory screen places the items into a "line." There is also a compass in the lower left hand corner of the inventory screen, but it is only important to activate cheats or to help solve a puzzle in the Citadel level.

laser sight Also, when in the inventory, some items will have the word "combine" in its menu. Selecting it will cause a second item line to appear. The player must then select an item to combine it with to form a new item.

Six Shooter Revolver A new weapon, called the revolver, can be used in this game. Though it doesn't appear until late in the game, it is very powerful. When combined with the lasersight, which is a scope attached to the weapon, the player can use it to shoot specific small targets. The player can also attach the lasersight to the crossbow.

Reception and legacy

The Last Revelation was praised for its more dynamic and central plot than any of the previous installments. However, the game's mechanics remained practically untouched, along with what some felt was frustrating camera positioning and similar graphics engine. Critics argued, similar in the case of Tomb Raider III, that the originally excellent premise of Tomb Raider was becoming stale and that the game simply hadn't moved along with the times.

The game was also met with much public scorn because of its ending, as it was believed by most players that Lara was dead, as the game ended with Lara trapped inside a collapsing pyramid and her fate unknown. The game's title, The Last Revelation, added to this impression. This, however, quickly subsided when the sequel was released.

Interesting Facts
  • Jonell Elliott replaced Judith Gibbons as the voice of Lara Croft.

Source: Wikipedia