Vanessa Demouy (1997)

Vanessa Demouy Full Name: Vanessa Demouy
Date Of Birth: April 5, 1973
Place Of Birth: Montreuil, France
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Vitals: 35-23-35
Weight: 102 lbs
Profession: Model, Actress, Singer

Vanessa started her modelling career when she was only 8, thanks to her mother Catherine, ex-model and ex-director of agency Beauties.

On her modeling start as a teen: "My mother, who directs the modeling agency Beauties Of Paris, did not want me to choose this work. So it was against the wishes of my parents."

Vanessa practised ballet dancing and wanted to become prima ballerina. But when she was 10, she failed a contest at the Opera of Paris (due to a muscular problem), and decided to give up this dream, and doesn't want to speak about ballet dancing anymore. However, she didn't leave sports and continued to exercise, practised the gymnastics, roller skating, golf and skiing.

Vanessa decided to return to modelling and in 1988 she appeared in the august issue of 'Mode' Magazine. She even missed one of the school examinations due to meetings with photographs in Saint Domingue.

Magazine Vanessa began her acting career when she was 17 years old, playing the part of a young married woman in a short movie 'The Illusions Of The Marriage' ('Les illusions du mariage'). She continued with television, at TF1 (french channel) in 'le J.A.P.' working together with a french singer Carlos. She made commercials for various companies advertising "Clearasil" and "Boheme" perfume, and was also a runway model for such well known dressmakers as Olivier Lapidus. She appeared in such tv shows as 'Model Academy' ('Classe Mannequin') in 1993 (more than 120 episodes...), 'Carribean Hearts or Models in Paradise' ('Coeurs Caraïbes') in 1995 and 'Carribean Adventures or Models in Paradise Season II' ('Aventures Caraïbes') in 1996.

She was also in a guide book about models 'Taille Mannequin' (how to have model size body) Recorded 'Dream of girl' a disc ('Reve de fille') with the company Abbey Road which sold about 50.000 copies and 100.000 copies of a single from this album,'Jam is black'. One should not forget a video cassette which speaks for itself - 'Vanessa of A to Z' ('Vanessa de A à Z').

She was the godmother of of Frenchwoman Confederation of basketball for 1997 - 1998 She was chosen to be the ambassador of a mark named Nesse. Vannessa was inspiration for 2 young fashion designers to create more than 150 models of clothes and together they started an international firm of ready to wear line of clothes. She was more than a simple model by taking part in the fashion creators' role, giving her opinion on colours, fabric, on the spirit of this long-awaited and very feminine collection of fashion.

Vannessa also took part in a video clip of rapper Driver and dubbed the voice of a character in the movie 'Gangsters' ('Bandits') directed by Katia Von Garnier. Even though you can't see Vanessa behind the screen this work was very rewarding for her.

VSD Jeux By the time of the release of Tomb Raider II, Vanessa Demouy made her appearence as Lara in a French magazine 'VSD Jeux' (Nov 1997). She was never an official model, but she did have the approval of Eidos France. While most Lara Croft fans perfer Rhona Mitra or Nell McAndrew over Vannessa, she remains very popular in her native country.

Many French fans thought that Vanessa the best Lara model ever and many demanded that she should take Lara's role in Tomb Raider: The Movie. In her interview to the magazine, Vanessa said: "I love that game. I think the adventure and combats mix is well-balanced. If we make a movie out of it, I'd really like to have the part of Lara Croft who, for once, is the good guy. I can easily see it directed by John Woo, with his both classical and completely crazy style. I'm sure he would perfectly render on screen the Tomb Raider universe."

Vannessa tries to improve her acting skills by taking theatre classes regurarly. Currently, she's enjoying a career as a model with occasional roles in French television.

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