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The breathtaking and stunning Tomb Raider: Underworld teaser trailer has been released. If you haven't seen it yet, you've been missing out. Sit back and enjoy - but beware, it will ask more questions than it answers. Lara is back! Bursting with action, this trailer will give you a first look at what is set to come when the game is officially released in November later this year.

Tomb Raider: Underworld teaser trailer
(312 MB 2:03 1280x720 MOV)

Featuring two minutes of stunning in-game footage, the trailer offers a window into Lara's forthcoming adventure in the depths of the underworld and uncovers couple of shocking revelations along the way.

Tomb Raider: Underworld Gameplay Trailer
(122 MB 2:11 1280x720 MOV)

Tomb Raider: Underworld US TV spot
(37.4 MB 00:30 1280x720 MOV)

What's out to get Lara, see the trailer, download the adventure. Beneath the Ashes is available for download today (feb24). Go to Marketplace now.

Beneath the Ashes Trailer
(44 MB 1:05 1280x720 WMV)

Lara’s Shadow gameplay trailer. Lara's Shadow, the second downloadable content pack for Tomb Raider: Underworld, is now available exclusively through Xbox Live (mar10).

Lara's Shadow Trailer
(67.4 MB 1:30 1280x720 WMV)


Eidos Interactive presents a tantalising taster of Tomb Raider: Underworld’s stunning Thailand setting in which Lara shows off a beautifully smooth repertoire of moves against an evocative and atmospheric backdrop.

The Shiva Temple, Thailand
(45.4 MB 1:05 1280x720 MOV)

In this, the second sneak peak of Eidos Interactive’s stunning Tomb Raider: Underworld Thailand level, Lara effortlessly demonstrates how her perfectly fluid gymnastic ability has evolved by traversing a series of perilous sections within an ancient ruined temple. Enjoy!

Hunting Tigers
(44.7 MB 1:06 1280x720 MP4)

Join Lara Croft in the third Tomb Raider: Underworld teaser trailer. See as she scans the horizon from her personal yacht before executing a trademark dive to plunge into the depths of the Mediterranean sea, where blood-thirsty sharks, beautiful-but-deadly translucent jellyfish and a giant eel attempt to thwart her progress before heading through an ancient circular doorway into a mysterious underwater passageway...

Beneath the Sea, Mediterranean
(64.7 MB 1:04 1280x720 MOV)

The fourth teaser trailer sees Lara Croft approach the stunning vista of an ancient Mexican temple during the night astride her trusty motorbike. As the camera pans across the intricately detailed sections of the temple, Lara demonstrates her cat-like grace to ascend a giant pillar, shimmy across the rugged facia and show off her newly-honed gymnastic ability before revealing a subterranean passage through the cunning use of a grapple.

Chiapas, Mexico
(70.1 MB 1:14 1280x720 MOV)

Here's some gameplay footage of a motorbike ride in Mexico from Tomb Raider: Underworld, the first Tomb Raider title built specifically for next generation consoles, bringing Lara Croft and her world into life-like detail.

Mexico, Motorcycle Ride
(77.6 MB 1:21 1280x720 MP4)

Here's a new trailer, titled after the Mayan underworld, for Tomb Raider: Underworld, the first Tomb Raider title built specifically for next generation consoles, bringing Lara Croft and her world into life-like detail.

Mexico, Xibalba
(75.8 MB 1:18 1280x720 MP4)

In the seventh Tomb Raider Underworld teaser trailer we see Lara shimmying around the perilous ledges of a hidden Thai temple. Watch as she holds on to ledges while shooting down swarming bats before employing her stunning athletic prowess to solve an intriguing puzzle involving the arms of the god Shiva.

Shiva Temple Puzzle, Thailand
(65.7 MB 1:07 1280x720 MOV)

In Tomb Raider: Underworld’s latest exposé, Lara Croft takes on all comers in a frenetic fire fight aboard a huge ocean liner. Battling foes with a multitude of weapons, her acrobatic skills are tested to the full as she explores every section of the ship to recover a stolen artefact. As Lara enters the interior of the ship, the pace quickens when an explosion rocks the ship to its core, causing the ship to list and finally sink. With time running out, Lara must regain the artefact and escape the fire ravaged corridors and escape to freedom.

Her exit is blocked on all sides by raging fires and gas explosions that stop her in her tracks. What once were floors become walls, as ceilings break apart and crash to the floor. Where the whole structure was once a solid grounding in the ocean, the entire level becomes the puzzle where only the quickest and smartest will survive!

How to Survive a Sinking Ship
(207 MB 1:10 1280x720 MOV)

In the latest Tomb Raider Underworld gameplay trailer, Lara Croft takes on the might of machines in the ultimate test of skill and cunning. Pitting her gymnastic ability against awe inspiring man-made objects of destruction, it leaves you in no doubt about Lara’s outstanding attributes. Showing off her newest moves and motion captured for the first time, speed and timing are of the essence to overcome a hall of puzzles on your quest into the underworld.

Valaskjálf, The Arctic
(70.35 MB 1:11 1280x720 WMV)

Lara's Shadow - Combat Gameplay Video
(115.7 MB 2:04 1280x720 WMV)

Lara's Shadow - Traversal Gameplay Video
(68.8 MB 1:15 1280x720 WMV)

Developer Commentaries

The Vision

Epic Dev-Diary featuring members of the Crystal Dynamics team and breathtaking footage from Tomb Raider: Underworld

Mythology has always played a significant part of each successive Tomb Raider game and in this, the latest Tomb Raider: Underworld trailer (Beneath The Surface), Cinematics Director, Toby Gard, and Creative Director, Eric Lindstrom, reveal the story behind Lara Croft’s latest adventure. Lindstrom explains how it took a significant amount of time to figure out what the mythology of the game should be and the visual style given all the places Lara travels to – from the Hindu culture in Thailand and Mayan culture in Mexico to the unifying Norse thread that leads her to all these locations. In pursuing her own goal of recovering Thor’s Hammer, she risks putting the whole world in danger...

'Beneath the Surface' Trailer
(206 MB 2:49 1280x720 WMV)

The Myth

Behind the scenes Part 2

Here's a look at the story behind Tomb Raider: Underworld, the first Tomb Raider title built specifically for next generation consoles, bringing Lara Croft and her world into life-like detail.

'Beneath the Surface 2' Trailer
(133 MB 2:12 1280x720 MOV)

What Can Lara Do?

Insight from the Crystal team on how they pushed Lara's abilities to the max.

In the third Beneath The Surface video, entitled ‘What Could Lara Do?’, Creative Director Eric Lindstrom, Lead Animator Primo Navidad and Lead Character Artist Kam Yu discuss how they crafted Lara into a more credible and believable character allowing her to do all the things you would expect of a strong, fearless, independent adventurer. Motion captured for the first time and featuring over 2,000 beautifully fluid animations, watch Lara as she now shoots at two different targets simultaneously, vaults off enemies and shoots, balances along narrow beams and poles, takes out a gun to switch hands and shoots when clinging to a pillar or on a ledge and pushes foliage out of the way.

'Beneath the Surface 3' Trailer
(54.6 MB 2:26 720x486 MP4)

Mastering Your Surroundings

The developers of Tomb Raider: Underworld discuss how Lara uses the environment and tools to master her surroundings.

As Lara’s greatest adventure draws ever closer, Crystal Dynamics delve into the essence of Tomb Raider. Lead Designer Haley White-Wiedow is joined by Creative Director Eric Lindstrom and Lead Artist Dan Neuberger talking through some of the newest additions to Lara’s growing arsenal, from gymnastic ability to roaring motorbike rides and beyond, everything has its uses in Tomb Raider Underworld including the environment locations!

'Beneath the Surface 4' Trailer
(39.2 MB 1:45 720x486 MP4)


Wherever Lara Croft’s adventures take her, the scenery is always stunning. In her latest adventure, the delights of Mexico, the chilling wastelands of the Arctic and many others feature in the game with some incredible vistas to admire. However, these environments aren’t always your friend, as Producer Eric Lindstrom testifies, guiding you through some of the puzzles in Tomb Raider: Underworld. With Lara Croft, though, you’re getting the best heroine on the planet, complete with an awesome new set of moves to tackle the most challenging of environments across the world in Lara’s newest adventure, Tomb Raider: Underworld.

'Beneath the Surface 5' Trailer
(53.57 MB 2:22 720x486 MP4)

Beneath the Ashes DLC 1

Crypts, caverns, torture rooms, find out what's lurking beneath Croft Manor.

Beneath the Ashes Developer Diary
(83.6 MB 2:08 1280x720 WMV)

Lara's Shadow DLC 2

Secret information on Lara’s Shadow, the new downloadable mission revealed!

Beneath the Ashes Developer Diary
(127.2 MB 2:21 1280x720 WMV)