Tomb Raider Anniversary Videos

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Experience the game that started it all in a brand new way to enjoy the classic memories and experiences, now with vastly improved graphics and gameplay mechanics. Tombs now have multi-path exploration; the animals are more vicious and have advanced artificial intelligence. Become immersed once again in the world that so many players fell in love with, and the game that originally put the spotlight on the video game icon, Lara Croft.

Trailer #1
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640x480 MOV

Trailer #2
11.8 MB 1:38
640x260 MOV

Trailer #3
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Trailer #4
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TV Spot #1
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TV Spot #2
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Xbox 360 Trailer
20.8 MB 0:56
1280x720 MOV

Wii Trailers: Morgan Gray, Senior Producer at Crystal Dynamics, talks about the unique new gameplay and exclusive new content in the Wii version of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Also an amazing live action trailer featuring Lara taking you through the new moves only available on Tomb Raider: Anniversary Wii.

Wii Trailer #1
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Wii Trailer #2
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Waking the Dead
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The Egyptian Underworld
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Return to the Folly
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The Coliseum
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Waking the Dead
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Wii Grapple
9.05 MB 0:58
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Wii Tool Kit #1
11.0 MB 1:12
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Wii Tool Kit #2
9.00 MB 1:03
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Wii Flashlight
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Wii Adrenaline Dodge
7.26 MB 0:50
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Wii Combat
9.71 MB 0:54
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Bonus Videos

Behind the Scenes
at Crystal Dynamics

13.4 MB 1:56
740x480 WMV

The Sounds of
Tomb Raider

23.3 MB 3:11
740x480 WMV

The Puzzles
17.5 MB 2:21
740x480 WMV

The Art of Anniversary
21.3 MB 2:49
740x480 WMV

The Story of TRA
18.4 MB 2:28
740x480 WMV

GameSpot Videos

First look at TRA
by Justin Calvert
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Size: 43.8 MB

Mobile game videos

TRA Mobile Trailer
200 MB 2:23
720x576 AVI