Tomb Raider 1 Gold Weapons


Pistols are your only weapons at the start of the game, but that's not a terrible thing because they have a trait shared by most weapons in action movies: an endless supply of ammunition.


The Shotgun is stronger than the Magnums, but it has a slow reloading rate, and a very small ammo supply, which makes it almost useless. Save it for rare situations when you want to quickly get rid of an enemy.


Magnums are stronger handguns than the Pistols, but they have a limited amount of ammo, so you can't use them full-time until you've collected a hefty pile of ammo.


Uzis are the best weapons in the game, combining massive power with a rapid rate of fire.

Note: Lara automatically aims at an enemy when it's within range, and keeps that aim as long as you hold down the Action Button and keep shooting. Use this to your advantage with slower enemies by running around them in circle or running behind them while continuing to shoot.