Tomb Raider 2 Gold Weapons


Use to shoot marine life from the shore, and to momentarily light up a darkened area.


Has poor range, use in close combat whenever possible.

Automatic Pistols

Most effective on larger-sized animals, and has a decent ammo consumption.


Excellent in multiple enemy situations. Eats bullets like crazy so use on only the toughest opponents.

Harpoon Gun

Not very effective, better to swim past most enemies instead of wasting excess time and health.


Works well on the most powerful a distance. Close combat leaves you a sitting target.

Grenade Launcher

Powerful like the M-16, and should be reserved for long-range gun fights only.

Note: Pick a Target...Wisely

When encountering more than one for at a time, Lara will always lock onto the closest enemy first. Sometimes that's fine, but often it can be mistake.

Make sure Lara attacks the greatest threat - either the one with the weapon, or the one headed most directly toward her if none of the enemies have distance attacks.

Fire and then let up on the Attack button to pick up a new target if Lara's initial lock isn't to your liking. Notice that Lara holds her lock even if target moves out of sight, as long as you keep the Action button held down. When the foe does reappear, she'll fire instantly.

Researve the big guns for the baddest foes.