Tomb Raider 3 Weapons


These are Lara's most trusty companions and most useful for casual conflict, giving short sharp shots at a reasonable delivery time. What's more, they are also fully automatic for even speedier and more effective firepower.


Has poor range, use in close combat whenever possible.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is a single pistol that delivers a very powerful round: two slugs is enough to kill just about anything. Try not to use the Eagle, with the possible exception of nearby raptors, until it's late in the game. You'll appreciate the firepower that much more as the enemies get tougher.


Like Pistols, except about five times faster. Very effective. Again, be conservative early in the game, and you can mow through Antarctica like nobody's business.

Harpoon Gun

When it comes to underwater antics, this one is literally the sharpest knife in the drawer and will get the job done - provided your swimming skills are synchronized.


A very cool machine gun, which takes the place of Tomb Raider II's M-16. Like M-16, however, you have to be standing flat-footed when you fire. Any acrobatics or even a simple backstep, and the gun goes inactive. That can be very bad. Try to use the MP5 to pick off distant targets, specifically against targets with ranged attacks of their own. Lean on the MP5 when fighting raptors and snipers.

Rocket Launcher

As you might suspect, this is the big enchilada. Don't use it without very good cause: there's only a handful of rockets in the entire game.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher in Tomb Raider III is a mixed bag. Unlike the launcher in Tomb Raider II, this variety arms at very short distances. Unfortunately, it's very hard to hit anything more than about 15 meters away. Use it to fire into hallways and small rooms or areas that will contain the grenade. Otherwise, the shell will likely bounce far away from the intended target.