Tomb Raider 4 Weapons


It all begins with Pistols. Lara has an unlimited supply of ammunition to go with these babies and she begins the game with them. Most enemies can be killed with these, even though you may have to get off hundreds of rounds to take care of business.


The Uzi can rip an enemy to shreds in a matter of seconds. You will want to make use of the Uzi when you are in a fight with multiple enemies at once.


The Shotgun is an extremely powerful and messy weapon. Ammunition comes in two flavors - the red boxes contain Shotgun Normal Ammo and the blue boxes contain Shotgun Wideshot Ammo. The names really say it alll the Wideshot gives you the ability to spray shot in a wider arc.


The Crossbow is kind of Lara's boutique weapon - it really doesn't do anything better than any other weapon, but it is really cool to use. There are three types of ammunition available for the Crossbow: Crossbow Normal Ammo, Crosbow Poison Ammo and Crosbow Explosive Ammo. The Crossbow Explosive Ammo gives the weapon capabilities similar to the Grenade Gun. The Crossbow can also be equipped with the LaserSight attachment for precision shooting.

Grenade Gun

The Grenade Gun causes massive damage and should not be used in close quarters. It is great for shattering the bones of skeleton, which would otherwise require a Revolver/Laser Sight shot to the head to stop. There are three types of ammunition available for the Grenade Gun: Grenade Normal Ammo, Grenade Super Ammo, and Grenade Flash Ammo. All three of them are lethal and effective. The Flash Ammo will temporarily stun any enemies on screen.


The Revolver is a powerful handgun, made even more so by Combining it with the Laser Sight attachment. You will use this for specific target shooting a lot in Last Revelation. You can find the Revolver in City of the Dead.

Laser Sight

The Laser Sight is found in Alexandria level. It can be combined with Crossbow and Revolver weapons and allows Lara to shoot more neatly. When the Lasersight is equipped, first bring up the first-person targeting mode, than you can zoom in and out to target.