Lara Weller (1999)

Lara Weller Full Name: Lara Weller
Date Of Birth: April 6th 1975
Place Of Birth: Rotterdam, Holland
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Vitals: 34c-24-34
Favorite Food: Japanese and Italian
Favorite Drink: Milk, Red Bull and Red Wine
Favorite Shop (Clothes): French Connection

A model by trade, Lara definitely shares a lot of Lara's attributes, and not just the physical ones. She's a world traveller, visiting many of the countries featured within the Tomb Raider series, and also shares a love for adventure like her namesake.

Born in Rotterdam Holland, Lara grew up in Maastricht which according to Lara is an amazing place but her rebel instinct needed some more excitement. It was because of this that Lara moved to Amsterdam at the age of 19 and worked in one of the biggest diamond stores in Holland. During events, free glasses of champagne were given out, and it was here that Lara used to spike peoples drinks with the little sparklies! At the end, she would explain all about them.

After failing to attempt to do a runner with the diamonds Lara decided the job wasn't going anywhere, and luckily was approached by a modelling agent who asked her to join their agency! This was an amazing leap, and stepping stone of Lara's career. It enabled her to see more of the world and travel to places most people can only dream about. In Lara's own words she is proud of the fact that she's a gypsy at heart.

Lara's agent advised her to go to Paris or Milan but her soul cried out for the bustling and exciting capital of London, England. When she finally made the move she was signed up to Nev's Models.

The modelling jobs varied from advertising various products, doing television commercials fashion catalogs, modelling swimwear, lingerie and appearing in high profile magazines such as FHM, Front, Marie Claire, Later, More, Loaded and Maxim!

Soon after Lara was offered an opportunity that would change her life forever and was given the job of representing Tomb Raider's Lara Croft for a year.

When asked how she feels about landing the role as the industry's most famous and desirable icon, Miss Weller comments:

"It's taken a while to sink in that I will actually represent Lara Croft, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get about the whole idea. It's actually quite amazing since in the past people have mentioned that I remind them of the Tomb Raider girl!"

This took Lara to many great places. Including the whole of Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and South Africa This was one of her most enjoyable jobs, and it was great fun dressing up like Lara Croft! It included posing for lots of magazines, television and radio interviews and guest appearances in numerous TV series, including a number of talk shows.

As a person she is lively, bubbly and a happy go lucky type. She loves fish and has a huge aquarium in her London home. Favourite colours are earthy, relaxing tones. Her favourite drink is Red Wine and she loves to eat healthy such as Pasta!

Hobby's include, yoga, sleeping, travel, adventure, movies and having a great laugh.

Lara says she has many loves and loves many things in her life but above all she loves god the most.

article taken from Lara Weller's official website

Did you know anything about Lara and Tomb Raider before you got the part?
Yes, my boyfriend is addicted to the game. He plays it all the time.

How do you feel about representing a fictitious digital character?
It has taken time to sink in that I will actually become Lara Croft, but the more I think about it the more excited I get about the whole idea. It is actually quite amazing as in the past people have mentioned that I remind them of the Tomb Raider girl!

Do you think you have much in common with Lara?
Yes, I believe I do. The most obvious thing being our names. I also love adventure just like Lara Croft.

What are your aspirations for the future?
I hope to be a model as long as I possibly can. I would also like to open a club that specializes in Yoga and also sells health products. Then hopefully settle down and have a lovely house and start a family.

What are your favorite leisure activities?
I enjoy socializing, yoga, going to the cinema, clubbing and traveling.

Lara's a bit of a globetrotter - have you visited many countries yourself?
Yes, I have visited a vast amount of countries in Europe. Traveled to the States. My favorite trip was one I went on with my boyfriend to the Maldives.

What's been your favorite job so far and why?
My favorite job so far was the shoot I did for Comfort. The photographer I worked with was great and everyone worked really well as a team that day. The money was not too bad either. The best thing out of it was to see myself plastered all over the bus stops, train stations, etc. of London.

How did you start your modeling career - did you always want to be a model?
I did not actually think about modeling until someone stopped me in Holland and asked me if I would be interested in modeling. I did a little bit of part time modeling in Holland. Then I decided to try my luck in London.

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